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Catherine Leroux

La marche en forêt

304 pages | Octobre 2012

It’s the story of a family as told through its members, the places they haunt, and the people that gravitate around them. The head of the clan is in love with his queen, who is unaware of what little time she has left. A half-sister has decided she will no longer speak to anyone for the rest of her life. A violent and unrepentant son has taken refuge behind a computer screen. An aunt believes she can heal herself through spiritual séances. A mother would rather go hunting than sing her children to sleep. A little cousin engages in rock-throwing.

As an ancestral clock ticks and the drums of war sound, secrets are revealed, ties are established or broken with every tremor, lives begin and end in the gravitational field centered on the family home. A first novel of great evocative power, La marche en forêt is a fresco teeming and tumbling with life, whose harmony gradually becomes clear, one in which individual destinies form the living pieces of the family puzzle.

Finaliste - Prix des libraires du Québec 2012

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Carnets Nord


7 Jours

‘The charm of Catherine Leroux’s style, at once singular and hypnotic, invites us to explore this atypical family portrait.’

Le Soleil

‘The story of this family, ‘twisted and ill-assorted but as tight as a harness’ is incredibly consuming.’

Le libraire

‘A first novel of implacable human strength.’

Catherine Leroux

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Catherine Leroux

Catherine Leroux is the author of three highly praised novels and an innovative sequence of short stories. Her first novel, La marche en forêt (2011), was a finalist for Quebec’s Booksellers’ Prize. Her bestselling second novel, The Party Wall, won the France-Quebec Prize, and was a finalist for the Scotiabank Giller Prize and the Dublin IMPAC Award. In the United States, The Party Wall was a prestigious Indies Introduce selection. Leroux’s story sequence Madame Victoria won Quebec’s Adrienne Choquette Prize and was a finalist for the Booksellers’ Prize. The Future won the Jacques Brossard Prize and was a finalist for the Imaginary Horizons Prize. Catherine Leroux works as a translator and an editor in Montreal. She was awarded the 2016 Governor General’s Literary Award for translation.

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