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Élise Turcotte

Autoportrait d'une autre

280 pages | 29 août 2023 | Couverture : © Paul Cupido

A writer delves into the life of her aunt, who embodied creativity, adventure, beauty, and madness but died tragically in 1986. Denise Brosseau, whose married names and aliases included Denise Brossot, Denise Sorel, Denise Jodorowsky, and Denise Garcia Ponce, moved to Paris at age eighteen to study mime, then later to Mexico, where she turned to philosophy. Despite a life dedicated to art and ideas, she is little remembered today, while her husbands (the first a filmmaker, the second a painter), male friends, and lovers have left their mark on history. Denise was their muse, a woman silenced by her beauty, by the love she inspired, by her era.

Through Denise’s correspondence with poet Gaston Miron, the works of art of her friends, and conversations with her aunt’s loved ones, Élise Turcotte paints a kaleidoscopic portrait of a woman who was extraordinarily alive but stifled by her position in life. Throughout this journey, the author reveals much about herself, probes the legacy Denise left her, and questions her own relationship to art, freedom, madness, and death. In the same vein as Deborah Levy’s living autobiographies and the lives reimagined by Lola Lafon in The Little Communist Who Never Smiled and Marie Darrieussecq in Être ici est une splendeur, Élise Turcotte has written a poignant, erudite, and stunning book, a true “self-portrait of someone else.”

Finaliste - Prix des libraires du Québec
Coup de coeur Renaud-Bray
Sélection Nos favoris de l'année 2023 selon Les libraires
Sélection Les meilleurs romans québécois de 2023 selon l'Actualité
Sélection les libraires conseillent : janvier 2024


Christian Desmeules

Le Devoir

" A “cathedral of questions” – about madness, shame, the concept of the muse, and artistic creation – is doubled here with an ethical, personal, and literary query. How to portray someone else’s existence? Is it shameless to talk about oneself? What shape to give to a literary investigation?»

Léa Harvey

Le Soleil

"Under Turcotte’s pen, every empty space and silence left within her aunt story is taking life."

Les Libraires

"Setting out in search of her late aunt, the author offers a unique story, between a novel and an investigation, where she explores art, madness, exile, and death."

Élise Turcotte


Élise Turcotte

An accomplished writer, Élise Turcotte has received many literary awards for her poetry, short stories and novels. She won the Grand Prix du livre de Montréal in 2011 as well as two Governor General Literary Awards, for her novel Guyana in 2002, and for Rose : derrière le rideau de la folie, a poetry book for children, in 2009. In 2011, Élise Turcotte was honoured with the prestigious career grant from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

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