Alto is an independent and innovative publishing house founded in Québec City in 2005. Very active on both local and international levels, Alto publishes unique and bold literary french fiction from Québec and abroad. Many of Alto’s titles have won prizes over the years (seven Prix des libraires du Québec, six Governor General’s Literary Awards, four Prix France-Québec and two Prix littéraires des collégiens) and have been translated into several languages. Briefly said: we publish wonders.


  • Ce que je sais de toi by Éric Chacour to Metaichmio (Greece), Holgers Forlag (Denmark), Dos Bigotes (Spain), Coach House (North America), Éditions Philippe Rey (France) and Folio/Gallimard (France)

    Pas même le bruit d’un fleuve by Hélène Dorion to Folio/Gallimard (France), Book*Hug (Canada and US), Prometej (Serbia) and Le mot et le reste (France)
  • Faunes by Christiane Vadnais to Al Arabi (World Arabic), Codice Edizioni (Italy), L’Atalante (France), Coach House (Canada and US), Volcano (Spain) and Ili Ili (Macedonia)
  • Les villes de papier by Dominique Fortier to Al Arabi (World Arabic), Helikon / Labyrinth (Bulgaria), New Human (Turkey), Loomingu Raamatukogu (Estonia) and btb (Germany)
  • L’orangeraie by Larry Tremblay to Dritan (Albania), Kalachuvadu Publications (India – Tamil language), Beilser (Italy) and Nebula Publishing (Azerbaijan)
  • Couleur chair by Bianca Joubert to Les avrils/Delcourt (France)
  • Les grands espaces by Annie Perreault to Héloïse d’Ormesson (France)
  • Méduse by Martine Desjardins to L’Atalante (France), Alter Ego (Italy) and Talon Books (Canada and US)
  • Le fil du vivant by Elsa Pépin optioned by audiovisual producer
  • Les ombres blanches by Dominique Fortier to Alter Ego (Italy), Coach House (Canada and US), Limbakh (Russia) and Grasset (France)
  • Maleficium by Martine Desjardins to Alter Ego (Italy)
  • La désidérata by Marie Hélène Poitras to Coach House (World English)
  • L’avenir by Catherine Leroux to Asphalte (France), Biblioasis (World English) and optioned by audiovisual producer
  • Six degrés de liberté by Nicolas Dickner to KUD Sodobnost (Slovenia) and Agora (Georgia)

Pour les éditeurs francophones, nous avons aussi de très belles traductions d’auteurs canadiens anglophones disponibles pour le marché européen.

Découvrez-les en sélectionnant le filtre « Traduction française disponible »!

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