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Audrée Wilhelmy, Justine Latour

Clairvoyantes A Literary Oracle

104 pages | 5 avril 2022 | Un tirage signé par la photographe Justine Latour est offert avec les 200 premiers exemplaires.

 Clairvoyants is a unique work, a gorgeous literary oracle spotlighting the fascinating world of fifteen female authors and promising readers and players a divination experience like no other. 

Audrée Wilhelmy, who heads up this extraordinary project, has brought together a lineup of gifted Quebec writers whose voices blend seamlessly. Their texts, which describe different characters, places, and objects, are complemented by dazzling images created by photographer Justine Latour. 

Available as a box set including forty-five playing cards and an interpretation book, Clairvoyants bears Alto’s inimitable stamp. After asking the oracle a question, the reader is invited to draw three cards—a character, a place, an object—which link to short texts written in surreal, dreamlike prose with a feminist bent. These texts combine to tell a story. 

Players can also draw cards online through a platform specially developed by the design company Deux Huit Huit, making Clairvoyants the first digital literary oracle. The experience will also be recreated at various events thanks to a portable stage set that will go where fate takes it. 

This whimsical literary venture is sure to attract fiction lovers, fans of tarot cards, and any curious souls eager to discover the art of divination. 


 Box set with 45 cards and a 104 page book 


With : Mélikah Abdelmoumen, Stéfanie Clermont, Hélène Dorion, Louise Dupré, Dominique Fortier, Marie-Andrée Gill, Karoline Georges, Véronique Grenier, Catherine Lalonde, Perrine Leblanc, Catherine Leroux, Chloé Savoie-Bernard, Élise Turcotte, Christiane Vadnais, Audrée Wilhelmy and Justine Latour (photograph)


Discover the website : clairvoyantes.com


Lauréat Prix NUMIX 2023 - Catégorie : Web et jeu – Production web – Culturel
Lauréat prix Bronze au concours Idéa 2023
Photo Audrée Whilhelmy crédit photo Audrée Whilhelmy


Audrée Wilhelmy

 Audrée Wilhelmy was born in Cap-Rouge in 1985. As a writer, she’s won the Prix Sade and been nominated for the Governor General’s Literary Award, the Prix littéraire des collégiens, the Grand Prix du livre de Montréal, the Prix des libraires du Québec, and the Prix France-Québec. Her work has appeared in France, and two novels, White Resin and The Body of the Beasts, have been published in English by House of Anansi. She practices portraiture and fine-art photography. 

Photographie Justine Latour


Justine Latour

Justine Latour was born in Shawinigan in 1985. She moved to Montreal in 2007 after studying visual arts in Quebec City and Lille. Over the years, she’s photographed artists from the world of literature, dance, and film, while also capturing the essence of strangers, particularly the marginalized and the forgotten. Fascinated by people, she immortalizes her subjects using intimate black-and-white imagery and soft lighting. For Justine, photography is an antidote to oblivion and death.

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