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Christian Quesnel, Ariane Gélinas

La Cité oblique

Édition indicible limitée à 300 exemplaires signés par Christian Quesnel et Ariane Gélinas | Coffret à trois volets en cuir synthétique estampé, fabriqué à la main par les Industries Phomère à Québec. Ouvrage imprimé par les Imprimeries Transcontinental à Beauceville. Couverture exclusive sur carton laminé argent et pages de garde Neenah StarDream Saturn. Tirage exclusif et signé par Christian Quesnel, imprimé sur papier 290g Hahnemühle Digital FineArt Bamboo gagnant du TIPA World Award 2020 (rien de moins). | 170 pages

It isn’t widely known that Howard Phillips Lovecraft, a man whose vision left an indelible mark on fantasy literature, made three discreet visits to Quebec City in the early thirties. The American author, who built a rich mythology populated by antediluvian creatures and has inspired some of the top genre writers, even wrote his own history of New France and a walking guide to “the city of a thousand ramparts.”

Christian Quesnel and Ariane Gélinas have drawn on this material to create a parallel history of Quebec in which the codes of Lovecraftian mythology govern as terrifying masters. In this oblique city, the Great Old Ones of New France come head-to-head with the Great Old Ones from the pen of the master of cosmic horror. The writer’s wanderings through “the city of enigmas walled behind the closed shutters of dream” combine brilliantly with a Lovecraftian tale of the brave deeds of Qartier and Loui Heyber. The result is a highly hallucinatory tribute to the father of the Cthulhu Mythos, as well as a fascinating reworking of the past.

Christian Quesnel spent several years creating this magnum opus, which is enriched by Ariane Gélinas’s soaring prose.

Coup de coeur Renaud-Bray
Sélection Archambault
Les libraires conseillent : sélection de septembre 2022
Finaliste - BÉDÉIS CAUSA 2023 - Grand prix Québec BD


Christian Quesnel

Christian Quesnel is the author of graphic novels inspired by historical events, including Félix Leclerc : l’alouette en liberté (winner of the Prix du CALQ – Œuvre de l’année en Outaouais 2019), Vous avez détruit la beauté du monde (winner of the Grand prix de la Ville de Québec – Bédéis Causa 2021, finalist for the Prix des libraires du Québec 2021), and A Train in the Night (winner of the Prix Éco-Fauve Raja at the Angoulême International Comics Festival and the Grand prix de la Ville de Québec – Bédéis Causa 2022).


Ariane Gélinas

Ariane Gélinas was born in Grandes-Piles, Quebec, in 1984. She’s co-executive and literary director of the publisher Le Sabord. Besides publishing over seventy short stories in magazines, she’s the author of seven books, including L’enfant sans visage (XYZ) and the trilogy Les villages assoupis (winner of Arts Excellence, Jacques Brossard, and Aurora/Boréal awards) published by Marchand de feuilles.

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