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Richard Dallaire

Les peaux cassées

176 pages | Août 2013 | Couverture : Lars Henkel

A clever mix of light fantasy and social critique with the surreal touch of Boris Vian.

There was once a brave tailor of human skins who took to drowning his troubles in alcohol. One day, he meets Carole, whose smile is a formidable morale-raiser. She breathes new life into him when he is at his worst. The couple makes a home for themselves in town and attracts a menagerie of forsaken souls – children from the streets, a counter of stars, a hunchbacked Italian and a frightful man who scares only himself – in a neighborhood plagued by the Depression and a mysterious disease that causes the human body to dry and eventually crumble like dust. Tears have flowed by the bucketful. At last, Carole is pregnant, forcing them to think about themselves as well.

The Broken Skins is a poetic story, a universal tale where hope dwindles in the most forlorn of places and which proves that a gardener lies within each of us, showing that we are all able to change the destiny of others.

Richard Dallaire auteur


Richard Dallaire

For over ten years, Richard Dallaire shares his time in between his social intervention in Québec and writing. In 2005, he released an album, L’État de choc and published his first novel, Le Marais (finalist – Grand Prix littéraire Archambault de la relève).

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