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Dominique Fortier

Les larmes de saint Laurent


344 pages | Juin 2012

On the morning of May 8 1902, Mount P l e erupts, killing the entire population of the city of Saint-Pierre. One man miraculously survives the slaughter: Babtiste Cyparis, the ghost of the Apocalypse. At the same time, in England, a mathematician and his musician wife attempt to uncover the secrets of fire and earth. In Montreal, a hundred years later, two strangers meet on Mount Royal in a garden of trees and crosses, their only witnesses being a dog and the city that surrounds them. From a prison in Martinique to Barnum & Bailey’s big top, from the flanks of Vesuvius to Saint-Lawrence Street in Montreal, the author of On the Proper Use of Stars draws us into a novel where past and present answer each other. A fresco steeped in light, echoing the very sound of the Earth’s beating heart.

Finaliste au Prix littéraire des collégiens

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McClelland & Stewart



'Les larmes de saint Laurent promises an exquisite voyage to any who will embark.'

Entre les lignes

'After the bedazzlement of Dominique Fortier’s first novel, Du bon usage des  toiles, it was reasonable to ask whether or not her second would meet the same standard. Mission accomplished: her originality and mastery are intact.'

Photo Dominique Fortier. Crédit Carl Lessard

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Dominique Fortier

Dominique Fortier is a writer and translator living in Outremont, Quebec. Her first novel, On the Proper Use of Stars (2008), was nominated for a Governor General's Award, and The Island of Books won the Governor General's Award for French fiction. She received the Renaudot Prize for non-fiction with Paper Houses. She is the author of six novels, four of which have been translated into English.

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