An English translation can be provided on demand
An English translation can be provided on demand
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Martine Desjardins



192 pages | Juin 2011

Forgive these seven men, hapless victims of a strange and evilspell, who, in seeking an attentive earforthe tale of their misfortunes in the privacy of the confessional, implored God for the salvation of their very souls, defiled by curiosity and the weakness of the flesh. Forgive too this much maligned woman,forcedinto cruelsilence,forshe knows all too well what she has done. Lastly,forgive the man of God who broke the confessional sealby transcribing the words of these individuals into an impious work of evil. Dear reader, you hold in your hands a new but unexpurgated version of the mythic Maleficium written by father Savoie (1877-1913), a sacrilegious priest of which we know very little other than that he spent the last years of his life cloistered in a monastery having been mysteriously struck deaf. Know that by simply reading this deleterious work the pure of soul may suffer greatly for it excites the senses and awakes desires too shameful to mention. By giving into its charms, you risk nothing less than excommunication. You are thus forewarned. The author of Le cercle de Clara and L’évocation (Prix Ringuet de l’Académie des lettres du Québec) offers up a baroque fresco ineight parts, an invitation to travel to the very limits of pleasure and pain. A rare work of the fantastic, both exotic and erotic, borne by a prose of sumptuous beauty. Never will sin have seemed so irresistible.

A rare work of the fantastic, both exotic and erotic, borne by a prose of sumptuous beauty.

Gagnant — Prix Jacques Brossard
Finaliste — Prix des libraires du Québec 2010
Finaliste — Prix des cinq continents de la francophonie
Finaliste — Prix France-Québec
Finaliste — Prix des Horizons imaginaires
Sélection «On aime» des libraires d’Archambault

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« The author of Le cercle de Clara (1997) and L’évocation(2005) has offered up a daring and singular book, dipping her quill into ink from another era, a time when nature and its mysteries had not yet been deciphered; where desire was an obscure force to be guarded against. The result is an extraordinary feast for the senses, which takes its rightful place among the rare and curious objects of present day literature.»

Le Devoir

«A superb book of the finest quality and one that we rarely find under ourlatitudes.»


Martine Desjardins

Martine Desjardins was born in Mont-Royal, Québec, where she still lives with her fox-terrier Winnie. After studying languages, Russian and Italian, as well as comparative literature, she began freelancing for several magazines. Lavishly written, her books are often filled with twisted humor and a touch of quirkiness. She is a Governor General Award finalist (Maleficium) and two time Jacques Brossard Prize winner (Maleficium, The Green Chamber).

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