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Serge Lamothe


200 pages | Septembre 2016 | Couverture : Janusz Jurek

This Arabic expression, evoking fatality, summarizes an endless debate in a single word: is our destiny predetermined or does free will give us the power to determine our fate?

On July 31, 1976, in Montreal, that last accident in a series of seven will determine the destiny of a man and woman who, forever after, will try to make sense of the event.

Serge Lamothe eloquently pushes the frontiers of chance to illuminate our humanity and take us along on the moving search of two people who know they are meant for each other.

Finaliste - Prix littéraire des collégiens



'Virtuosic meditation about predestination.'


Serge Lamothe

In over 20 years, Serge Lamothe has produced an abundant oeuvre consisting of novels, short stories, poetry and plays in which he explores the human condition and our future as a civilization. Often considered as a significant voice for his generation, Lamothe is also a screenplay consultant and an opera dramatist dividing his time between Canada, France and Japan.

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