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Serge Lamothe


296 pages | Août 2019 | Couverture : Yuichi Ikehata

Oshima is a futuristic road novel with a touch of existential thriller. Thirty-five-year-old Akamaru, a Eurasian born to a French mother and Japanese father, leaves Paris at his father’s request to join him on his native island of Oshima. But it’s been twenty years since he first came to France, in 2023, and so much has changed on this side of the world, which has been plunged in chaos since the Total Grid Collapse. After a series of surprising encounters, he comes to understand the significance of the journey that has led him to the other side of the Earth, to eventually find himself.

“Until now, the journey has not called me to draw on my courage nor determination, but I no longer know whether I’ve dreamt my life or if I’ve been dreamt up by it.”

Finaliste au Prix des Horizons imaginaires
Les libraires conseillent : avril 2020

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Le Devoir

‘A troubling and often sensual journey.’

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Serge Lamothe

In over 20 years, Serge Lamothe has produced an abundant oeuvre consisting of novels, short stories, poetry and plays in which he explores the human condition and our future as a civilization. Often considered as a significant voice for his generation, Lamothe is also a screenplay consultant and an opera dramatist dividing his time between Canada, France and Japan.

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