An English translation can be provided on demand
An English translation can be provided on demand
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Matthieu Simard

Ici, ailleurs

(The Country Will Bring Us No Peace)

136 pages | Août 2021 | Couverture : Luke Bird

They erected the tower a few years before we bought the old man’s house. Since then, the village has slowly become deserted. Some inhabitants leave, others die, still others disappear into the forest.

However, a few still linger – Fisher, the handyman who does nothing with his hands; Madeleine, the once sexy waitress; the grocer, who valiantly tries to sell his artichoke hearts – but those who remain don’t really want anything to do with us. It’s not a problem: we didn’t come here to get mixed up in their lives, but to forget. To find ourselves, perhaps. To begin anew.

We came here so as not to be elsewhere. We may never leave.

A novel about silence, tinged with the fantastic, Ici, ailleurs describes the brutality of absence, sneaking into your memory and embracing you like a lover beneath ice cold sheets.

Première sélection - Prix France-Québec 2018

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Coach House

United Kingdom

Influx Press


The Opinionated Reader

'With an ending that is an absolute shocker, this novel is everything today’s Literature has to be and is often lost in commercial choices where quality is compromised. It is a revelation, a dark jewel. A haunting presence'

P.T Smith

Montreal Review of Books

‘Simard wrote one of those books that perfectly suits itself: all of the elements, the prose, the characters, style, the structure, and the gambits work for the feelings and experience it aims to express, right through to the beautiful and haunting ending’.

Dana Hansen

Hamilton Review of Books

‘A novel about silence, tinged with the fantastic, The Country Will Bring Us No Peace sneaks the brutality of grief into your imagination’.

Matthieu Simard credit photo Idra Labrie


Matthieu Simard

Matthieu Simard is the author of seven novels, including Llouis qui tombe tout seul which earned him a nomination for the Grand Prix Littéraire Archambault. The first volume in his series for young adults, Pavel, was a finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award. More recently, he wrote the screenplay for a film adaptation of his bestselling book Ça sent la coupe, brought to theatres by Patrice Sauvé. Matthieu Simard lives in Montreal.

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