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Christine Eddie


200 pages | Mai 2012 | Couverture : Beata Czyzowska Young

The rain started to fall the day Matteo disappeared. Before his unexpected departure, Béatrice did not think that she would need a life jacket to swim through her life. To keep her head out of the water, she clings to Aisha, an
imaginary Somali girl who enters her life while Beatrice listens to the news on the radio.They await the return of the man with whom Beatrice has shared fifteen years or her life. In the meantime, other women go on with their daily
routines. Daphnée dreams to meet the Doctor Jivago and Thalie weaves a fabulous plan which will help her to find her biological father. It will rain during thirty-four days. Enough time to discover that umbrellas are necessary, but fragile shelters for those women who wait for the rain to stop. Especially when a strong wind rises. A novel full of love, hope with a light bitter sweet humor twist.

A tale with a discreet charm, both funny and intense.

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Éditions Héloïse d’Ormesson


Le Devoir

«Christine Eddie enchants, shines with Parapluies.»

La Presse

«A soft and delicate touch, funny and light, yet never cliché.»

7 jours

«A tale with a discreet charm, both funny and intense.»

photo Christine Eddie crédit photo Stéphane bourgeois


Christine Eddie

Born in France, Christine Eddie grew up in Acadia before settling in Quebec. She has written a number of articles, published short stories, received several literary prizes (Prix Arcade au feminin, Concours de nouvelles XYZ) and published a book for young readers, La croisade de Cristale Carton. Les carnets de Douglas is her first novel.

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