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Christine Eddie

Un beau désastre

192 pages | Février 2020 | Couverture : Matthias Jung

Raised in a poor and wilted neighborhood by an optimistic astrologer of an aunt, the young M.-J. is afflicted with the 21st century blues. But in the Summer of his (not so) sweet sixteen, life will surprise him. Love, art and the support of his colorful community will rout even his most somber ideas. Despite all that is wrong in the world, M.-J. will find that hope is the best remedy for disaster.

In our modern times wavering between catastrophes and promises, Christine Eddie’s lucid coming-of-age novel appears like a glimmer of hope and tells us that, even through the thickest concrete, flowers will always grow.

Finaliste pour Une ville, un livre (2021)
Les libraires conseillent : sélection de juin 2020


Anne-Frédérique Hébert-Dolbec

Le Devoir

'Christine Eddie’s words are like the rainbow showing in a flood of rain, like a smile amidst the rushing and indifferent crowd.'

Josée Lapointe

La Presse

'A beautiful allegory about the might of art, the power of solidarity and love. This charming novel is clearly an antidote against the gloom and uncertainties of our time.'

photo Christine Eddie crédit photo Stéphane bourgeois


Christine Eddie

Born in France, Christine Eddie grew up in Acadia before settling in Quebec. She has written a number of articles, published short stories, received several literary prizes (Prix Arcade au feminin, Concours de nouvelles XYZ) and published a book for young readers, La croisade de Cristale Carton. Les carnets de Douglas is her first novel.

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