An English translation can be provided on demand
An English translation can be provided on demand
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Christine Eddie

Les carnets de Douglas

(The Douglas Notebooks)

200 pages | Janvier 2009 | Couverture : David Gagnon

10 000 copies sold!

On the same day, two adolescents free themselves from a life that would have left them feeling trapped. They chance upon each other two years later, in a village far too discreet to be found on any map. In the heart of a bountiful yet savage wilderness, they fall in love, far from the roar of the twentieth century. That is until life takes an unpleasant turn as it so often does.

A Spanish translation can be provided on demand

Gagnant — Prix Senghor du premier roman
Gagnant — Prix Club des Irrésistibles des bibliothèques publiques de Montréal
Gagnant — Prix France-Québec
Gagnant — Prix de l'Académie Frye
Finaliste — Prix des libraires du Québec
Finaliste — Prix de création littéraire de la Ville de Québec
Finaliste — Prix des abonnés du réseau des bibliothèques de la Ville de Québec
Finaliste — Prix des Lycéens et des Apprentis de Bourgogne
Finaliste — Prix littéraire des Genêts

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Le Devoir

‘A wonderfully graceful first novel despite its solemnity, it dwells within us like a never-ending melody.’

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Christine Eddie

Born in France, Christine Eddie grew up in Acadia before settling in Quebec. She has written a number of articles, published short stories, received several literary prizes (Prix Arcade au feminin, Concours de nouvelles XYZ) and published a book for young readers, La croisade de Cristale Carton. Les carnets de Douglas is her first novel.

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