A young metalhead, fresh out of foster care, returns to his village on the Gaspé Peninsula. Sebastian won’t speak. But his silence is louder than his music, upsetting the delicate balance of St. Florence, a place that’s not as peaceful as it first appears.

In town, the young man meets the General, a priestly figure who “scandinavizes” members of his flock, and Eva, a girl who refuses to be turned into human currency. Also populating this world are alienated teens, corrupt officials, high-class perverts, worn-out women, and righteous pagans, not to mention the deformed, intoxicated wildlife. Over a black metal soundtrack, churches groan, graveyards spit out their secrets, dark memories morph into daggers, and the truth sets fire to both heart and soul.

With cries and whispers, Noir métal sings the raspy song of spruce forests and tells a surreal tale, à la Twin Peaks and Lords of Chaos, where nihilism spares neither man nor saint.

  • 272 pages
  • Manuscript available: May 2021