Latest Rights Deals

Les villes de papier by Dominique Fortier to New Human (Turkey), Disput (Croatia), Limbakh (Russia), btb (Germany), CITIC Press (China), Gimm-Young Publishers (Korea), Minuscula (Spain), Alter Ego (Italy), Ramus (Sweden), Grasset (France) and Coach House Books (Canada and USA)
Faunes by Christiane Vadnais to ILI ILI (Macedonia), Volcano Libros (Spain) and Coach House Books (World English)
Méduse by Martine Desjardins to Alter Ego (Italy) and Talon Books (Canada and US)
L’avenir by Catherine Leroux to Biblioasis (World English)
Le Christ obèse by Larry Tremblay to Faber & Faber (Germany)
L’apparition du chevreuil by Élise Turcotte to Le mot et le reste (France)
Le deuxième mari 
by Larry Tremblay to Anetta (Ukraine)
 by Nicolas Dickner to Leykam (Croatia) and Pauza (Poland)
La femme de Valence by Annie Perreault to Le nouvel Attila (France) and to Baraka Books (Canada and USA)
Sous béton 
by Karoline Georges to Secession Verlag (Germany)
Ici, ailleurs 
by Matthieu Simard to Influx Press (UK) and Coach House Books (Canada and USA)
Marée montante by Charles Quimper to Baraka Books (Canada and USA)
La chambre verte by Martine Desjardins to Denoël (France), Talon Books (Canada and USA) and to Impedimenta (Spain)

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